Factors To Consider While Whale Shark Tour

The swim with whale sharks in Australia take you to the Ningaloo Reef to find wonders for yourself. See the size, elegance and beauty of the world’s largest fish while swimming in the clean water of Ningaloo Marine Park.

 It is important to understand that we work with untamed animals in the sea. There are quite things that persuade this activity and we believe in saying it is different every day.

 Season and relocation

 Formally, the season begins on May 15th and ends on 17th of September. This phase was set by the Mexican establishment since this is when they are in the constituency according to the migration patterns of the species. All permissions required to carry out this activity are valid only during this date, but whale sharks are not transferred simultaneously from the same location. They do not appear in large groups every day in our area. We start by spreading witnesses between May and June. The number increases from July taking it to August until it hits, and then from September onwards till October whale sharks start disappearing. The sharks are still in the designated area after 17th September but we are not allowed to best Manta ray coral bay as the season is over.

 Weather conditions

 When sailing in the sea, pay particular attention to the weather. For safety reasons, the weather is not only an important factor, but it also affects other aspects of the trip, such as windy days. There will be more waves. It becomes difficult to tour what sharks at distance. But still, we can reach this area quicker and more smoothly, and whale sharks become easier to be seen from a greater distance.


 The whale sharks acquire a total area of 6,300 square kilometres (over 1.5 million acres) and you are authorized to carry out this activity. The displacement from one end to the other is 150 nautical miles (it can range from 25 knots to 6 times under optimal conditions and maximum permissible speed). Whale sharks are easy to spot in this area. Whale sharks don’t move much during the day, so let’s search for the area we saw a day ago. Local fishermen are present as sources of information and will tell you if whale sharks have been found in certain areas.

 Also, while searching for a whale shark over a surface that covers the 2D area, the whale shark may go on certain days and not reach the surface.

 Whale sharks eat plankton and follow food. The vertical progress of plankton relies on several factors, such as water temperature, flow or flow and salt. Experience has shown that plankton is present on the surface in between 9 and 13 o’clock. The best time to find whale sharks in a particular area. This is also a good reason to start your journey early (i.e. without seeing other boats in your area). Also, whale sharks are insightful to atmospheric pressure and may not be visible when air pressure is low.